Wednesday 6 April 2011

Tell that bastard I'm not here - I'm gonna go to the sink and take a shower

Hello again, I do hope your Wednesday went well. I personally had a very sedate day today caused by crippling tightness in the fingers of my hand. My GP has diagnosed RSI so I'm looking forward to explaining that one "honest, it's excessive drawing what done it." A bit depressing, all the same, that I don't think I get that much done yet I'm still getting a gammy wrist out of it. I reckon it's got to do with my wonky blood like what Miley Cyrus has - giving up the booze probably did crazy things to my blood sugar.
Not that I'm counting the days until Lent ends so I can eat a small mountain of chocolate and then go on a bender that I have already arranged with mates or anything.
I note in the news that the government is both cutting spending on health while earmarking 75 grand to send text messages to recovering alcoholics to keep them from falling off the wagon, because when you seek the solace of oblivion that comes with alcohol, what will snap you out of it is receiving an anonymous message reminding you how alone you are that only computers that probably live in the future care to think of you enough to remind you that what you are doing is harming yourself and incidentally, doesn't this remind you how much better off dead you are?
Counting the days.



  1. You actually gave up booze for lent? You are a true Irishman then - religion before even booze!

    What's that cartoon, third frame from the top?

    Oh, and I just watched Dragonslayer last night for the first time in...maybe twenty years - and it was arsom. Best dragon ever!

  2. But booze is my religeon. QED, McLaughlin - QED!

    That cartoon frame is from the "Firebird" episode of Centurions, which is somehow even better with age despite being totally mental. That scene is where - in a technologically-advanced city - the main characters are ambushed in broad daylight by spear-wielding Incan warriors, and this is not even the most mental thing that happens in the episode.

    Oh, and that's the dragon from Reign of Fire, not Dragonslayer. I have a ton of dragon-themed movies to get through at the minute for some reason.