Friday 8 April 2011

This is the 80s - I don't know what a good cause is anymore

The weekend begins, it's nice weather out and I'm just off to the gym.
Have a good weekend, all!


  1. Can I just say, Mr B, that you give the best title of any blogger I know. Your titles are always a joy when they arrive on my blog-feed.

    That's not meant to be read in a Kenneth Williams voice, but if the urge becomes hard to resist, do go with it ...

  2. I concur! Where do you get these blog titles?!?

  3. It sounds filthy when you write it like that, Colin. I approve.
    These are all random quotes from classic books, comics, songs, films and tv shows that I use so I don't have to title every post "here's a screen grab of what I done today". This blog's post title is from the classic "Return of the Incredible Hulk" where Hulk teams up with Thor and they fight some guys in suits. This new Thor movie has a lot to live up to.