Friday, 15 April 2011

years from now some of these kids will still be talking about the way I Sondheimised them

Note to self: invest less in American wrestling promotions and more in a camera that is not shitty.

For those interested in such things, the chants of the night were probably the wilfully politically -incorrect one aimed at Korean-American Gail Kim: "Go back where you came from - TNA! TNA! TNA!", "South-ern bas-tard!" to the otherwise incredibly well-received and friendly Sheamus (who was the only wrestler to have his nickname - the Celtic Warrior - missing from his entrance), "Ba-Tiste-Ta!" aimed at Mileena and John Morrison (an in-joke not worth explaining but still quite funny), and the usual "WOOOO!"s and "WHAT?"s.
It's maybe me, but I think that these wrestlers might be putting it on. Crazy, I know, but...

It's Friday and I am killed with RSI, so no drawing for a few days until my fingers stop disagreeing with me, and the usual nonsense shall resume on Monday, God willing.
Have a good weekend, all. I hope it treats you well.

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