Monday, 4 April 2011

I don't know what they were doing, but it looked like dad was winning

Editing pages I stayed up all night to draw at the moment.

You wouldn't think you'd need to do much fixin'-uppin' on artwork you churned out while half asleep at five in the morning watching Space 1999 repeats, would you?
Yet here we are.

Frank #3:

I have a habit of dropping random and verbatim quotes into longform stories to amuse myself but most likely baffle everyone else, and "people need to be entertained..." is a quote from the ever-watchable Ed O'Neill's borderline mentalist Glen, as appearing in the first Wayne's World movie. Hey, I didn't say I only quoted good films, like.
It also looks like the bear is aware of events, which I admit would be setting up a far more entertaining bear-based massacre comic for the blog, yet would probably violate my rule about not having "spaceships, guns, or fights" which it only occurs to me now is little different from Smallville's "no fights, no tights" rule that the show's producers introduced on day one despite the fact those involved are making a show about Superman.
Smallville is mental television, isn't it? I can safely say I haven't watched an episode of it sober in the last five years and while that kept the need to shout at the screen at bay for a while, it didn't ever actually stop me noticing what a gobshite Clark Kent is. The show ends this year and supposedly the money shot it's been building up to is when we get to finally see Superman in a tv show about Superman, but having watched it from day one, the only money shot that would actually make the remotest lick of sense at this stage would be if Lex and Clark kiss and then make out for ten minutes before the credits roll.

In other news, God damn it, Cartoon Network, don't I have enough cartoons to watch already? Putting Christopher F Lee in something is just not playing fair.

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