Sunday, 26 September 2010

haha Batman and Shaft that white guy is hilarious

Watching: Life Unexpected, Rookie Blue, Smallville, Community, Supernatural - I have no idea why I watch Supernatural. Unlike something like Smallville which is enjoyable as a big load of shite whose entire appeal is predicated on a shell game, Supernatural is just a hateful, derivative show whose defining moment was either (1): the smug and supposedly self-effacing cameo from show producer McG meant to show how down he was with his mercilessly deconstructionist audience of teenage girls but who no amount of good wardrobe could disguise as being someone I would expect to see my dad talking to in a bar about sheep farming or Gaelic (a local kind of pretend-football), or (2): a scene where Sam and Dean are looking at three high school students' records trying to decide who's possessed by a demon and because one is Asian, one is stocky and one is black, Dean (or possibly Sam, I can't remember which one is which) snidely quips "well it's either Hello Kitty, Chocolate Chip or nig-nog".
Outsourced - not terribly funny for my money, but inoffensive enough. Based on a film I haven't seen, so I assume it's a bit of 'The US Office' going on and the stuff adapting the original material has to be got past before the good stuff arrives.
Lost Girl - eye-rollingly terrible genre offering that I would be surprised to discover hadn't been made in the 1990s and sat on a shelf ever since, bypassing all the forward movement in the production standards of the fantasy television series since then while waiting for someone to air it out of boredom, desperation, or - what I consider slightly more likely - a bet. I do hope it succeeds, though, as it looks to be starring someone who's a dead ringer for Radiohead's Thom Yorke as a vampire cop or something, and anything that keeps him from making more albums should be nurtured as much as possible.

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