Wednesday 22 September 2010

Nice movie industry you had there, Japan...

A live action version of Space Battleship Yamato, you say?
Hell YES, I say!

On one hand they've certainly got the Michael Bay trappings down pat, but on the other, this is not actually a good thing in and of itself. The only thing different from the usual cgi-lens-flared-to-fuckery trailer you normally get is the odd impression that you can tell what's actually happening onscreen at any given time, which immediately distances this from the likes of Transformers or BSG and given the inability of action directors in the west to actually put a visual narrative together anymore practically guarantees it'll look like nothing else for a good while yet.
I recognise the odd bit from the tv show, like Sasumu in the brig and the odd bit with Yuki, but otherwise there's a lamentable militaristic thread running through it at odds with the admirable pacifism of the anime even when cartoon carnage was clearly the main selling point of the show. There's not a lot of subtext to digging up a warship and then slapping rockets on it to go save humanity, but I suppose an action movie is an action movie at the end of the day, and considering how much the likes of Battlestar Galactica owes to stuff it's cribbed shamelessly from anime, it's kind of amusing to see the anime industry return the favor, though hopefully the glimpse in the trailer of Sasumu's suicide run hints at Yamato not copping out like a bitch at the end like BSG did.

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