Monday 27 September 2010

I'm sure you're a perfectly nice homosexual

No drawing today. Ludicrously late out of bed and I wasn't even boozing. Best to not fight it when that happens, I've found.

Watching: The Defenders, a new legal drama about two slick-shit Las Vegas lawyers played by Jerry 'Sliders and nothing else of note' O'Connell and one of the Belushi brothers - I presume the one that's still alive. It's a decent enough glossy drama with the Belushi one trying to play a grown-up version of the adolescent chancers he used to play in movies and O'Connell playing himself not acting in a convincing manner, but like most of these glossy dramas I watch, I tend to be more interested in some minor detail of the setting, and with Las Vegas there are far more interesting stories to be told, such as how the town has grown beyond its means to support itself and water for the place is now running low prompting speculation that world famous landmark Hoover Dam will dry up in the near future and kill Vegas as a tourist resort (and by extension a functioning city), or the people living in the drains under the city. People are living in the sewers of a major first world city - that's a story I want to know more about, not this legalese guff.
The Whole Truth - another legal drama from Jerry Bruckheimer that's pretty much the poor man's Good Wife. Where Good Wife's misanthropic characters fed into the story by being damaged by their own cynicism or past misdeeds, Whole Truth's (no relation to WWE wrestler R Truth) misanthropy is merely hateful characters displaying how aloof they are even in the face of the rape and murder of a child. They walk very fast while delivering legal observations and music goes DUM DUM DUM DUM and all I'm thinking is "these people aren't doctors and wherever they're going isn't so important they need to be delivering these lines on the hoof." They're delivering exposition and the makers have so little faith in the material they have to up the pace of those damnable 'talky' scenes where stuff like plot happens, and then there's the guy defending a child rapist shooting hoops in his office and yelping at hitting the basket while simultaneously reducing his friends and co-workers to skin tones and genders... These are just awful, unlikeable people in cynical stories about how life is, like, grim and stuff. It's a tv show playing at being grown up by acting like an adolescent. I hate it, and not in a good way.
Shit My Dad Says - I'd like to say that I'd watch William Shatner in anything at all and leave it there, but Boston Legal tested that theory to destruction and proved me wrong after about seven episodes so I shall say that this sitcom, not being very funny and thus a 'shitcom', and 'shat' being both the past tense of shit and the nickname of Shatner, shall thus be known as a Shatcom. It's based on the twitter feed of the same name - no, really - and not terribly funny, but it does have the odd moment, and Shatner, despite not having much to work with, is back to being watchable now I don't have to sit through James Spader's lifeless face for long minutes at a time.

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