Monday, 27 September 2010

I'm just saying it now - when you die, I'm not taking care of her

Undercovers - the new spy show from JJ Abrams about a married couple returning to their former careers in covert intelligence for reasons that only make sense in the pilot episode and outside that look like they're doing it in a fit of pique, it is not as good as Alias is the inevitable critique we may as well get out of the way, but it is also pretty cloying in and of itself, with the lack of chemistry between the two leads a potential series-killer. It's about as good as a Leverage or a White Collar, but nowhere near being the new Alias.
Blue Bloods - new copper drama with a decent cast in Tom Selleck, Marky Mark, and Andrea Roth, about a dynasty of New York cops. Bombastic and heavy on cliche, but sometimes that's what you want.
Rookie Blue - just arful. 'Arful' is not a spelling error, by the way - I have merely invented a new word to describe the show.
Community - which is very smug, but pulls it off without being hateful as everyone always tends to learn a lesson, even if it's the wrong one.
Modern Family - a mockumentary with old-fashioned sensibilities to counter the slight air of misanthropic bitchiness surrounding the extended Pritchitt family headed by Ed O'Neil.

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