Sunday, 19 September 2010

"Hookers in DC are pretty conservative."

Watching: 90210 - bless you, 90210. Most television shows wouldn't cut directly to an upskirt shot of a cheerleader directly after a flashback recap to a scene of a girl being raped by her schoolteacher, but those shows just aren't as cool as you are. You the motherfucking bomb, 90210! Although the girl who cried 'rape' then gets raped, then becomes more slutty - I can't help but feel in the context of as trashy a show as this one that this story direction is not helpful to humanity as whole.
Covert Affairs - What is going on and why do I care, Covert Affairs? And I want it 100 times on the chalkboard. Also, your eyeshadow makes it look like your face is eating your eyes, Perabo - sort yourself out. Failing that, eat a pie.
White Collar - a very well-named show - there don't seem to be any blue collar (working class) people living in NYC at all.
Blake's 7 - They all die, so this one chap buying the farm touches me not at all. Some decent concepts at work, all the same, but it seems a very, very middle class endeavor, this whole galactic rebellion business.

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