Tuesday 21 September 2010

"The only 'matter' that interests Ace wears high heels and a skirt."

No, I don't know what the post heading means, either - and I WAS THERE.

Ulysses 31
- one of those rare 1980s confections that seems to have held up well, but then the timeless nature of the stories would see to that.
Mysterious Cities of Gold
- there's an odd air of melancholy underpinning this serialised adventure romp about a middle-ages-era quest to find El Dorado, but it's still good fun.
Centurions - an odd one this, as it's possibly better than I remembered, filled with daffy concepts and nice design work, some of which comes from the pen of Jack Kirby and Alex Toth. I'm also not sure what to make of the leads, as there' s traditionally one who sticks out in these shows as a bit camp and becomes pegged as a closeted homosexual, but when one lead has a 'tash Freddie Mercury would die for and the other two comprise a cowboy and a dashing, womanising air pilot described in the opening narration as "rugged" and "daring" respectively, you're not so much spoiled for choice as stuck where to begin.
Starcom - never saw this first time around, and it's based on toys I know nothing about, but it's a decent sci-fi actioner more than a little reminiscent of Thunderbirds. A more sedate pace than the usual 80s offerings, and possibly better for it. What seems suspiciously like actual science at work in the plots is a welcome bonus.
Secret Life of thesdhahsdfuahsubfefqeuoeuhgwe sorry, my hands were acting independently of my brain for a moment as they attempted to throttle me and end their misery. They feel I should stop watching this show and its arbitrary plotting and character turns and instead devote my time to something they would enjoy more, like putting my hands through an industrial mincer, blowing my hands to pieces with dynamite, running my hands over with an articulated lorry, or wanking (they are my hands, after all).

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