Friday 24 September 2010

There are those that follow Mohammad but I've never been one of them.

Watching: House - a welcome return for everyone's favorite not-at-all-Sherlock-Holmes caustic junkie with a penchant for deduction, the seventh season opens with a combination of familiar elements, mainly the 'lift episode' and the House staple of the team solving a crime - sorry, I meant a medical mystery without his being present. I'd heard it described beforehand as "the worst episode of the show I've ever seen", but it works as one of the signature game-changers House tends to throw at you now and then, like when it replaced most of the lead cast, dispensed with House's addiction to drugs, and even - most unlikely of all - made the main character happy and not a big tool to everyone all the time, but I can't see it being the first one I'd rewatch on dvd in a few years' time if I was bored enough and all the other dvds were too far from the sofa.
I'm not actually sure what the worst episode of House might be, all the same - was Stuart Townsend ever in an episode? If so, that one. Easily.
NCIS: Los Angeles - ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Shit.
Get Him To The Greek - I'm not sure I get this whole Judd Apatow thing beyond that it comes across as a bit stumbling and improvised, suggesting novelty value set to wear off in a couple of years if it hasn't already, but this was amusing enough, if a tad reliant on broad strokes. Russel Brand seems to be playing a character whose whole deal is that he used to be hot shit but became tiresome and now only his original, aged fans care enough to support his career and put up with his crap while everyone else barely tolerates his presence.
You may or may not be waiting for a certain kind of comment to be made at this point, but some jokes don't even need a punchline.