Wednesday, 15 September 2010

"women and seamen don't mix."

I can thoroughly recommend eliminating all forms of caffeine from your diet to any fans of sleeping too late and bad headaches. Small press buggery continues apace.

Watching: The Wire, Season 5 - something was a bit off with this final season for me, though I'm not sure what. Centering on the media, perhaps it's deliberate to have so many Hollywood endings for various storylines but some stuff seems a bit too high concept, which was something the third season's Hamsterdam arc achieved well in isolation, and if anything should have eaten up the run time it would have been better to concentrate on McNulty and Freamon's investigation finally going black without the distraction of all that fake serial killer stuff. Still great television, all the same, and I'm more than willing to concede that my expectations might just have been too high. "I don't want this investigation to sprawl" states Lieutenant Daniels in the most optimistic and ultimately wrong fashion way back in season 1, but sprawl it did and damn, but it did so in fine fashion. If Treme wasn't so damn good a follow-up I'd feel cheated at the mere 60 episodes we got from the Wire, but something went seriously wrong with the cop show standard of crapping all over any given setting, as Baltimore has to be a dead cert for any US roadtrip I make - whoever pegged the Wire as "a bipolar love letter to the city" undersold it.
Leverage - which is shit, but I'm watching it anyway.

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