Monday, 12 September 2011

I don't just think outside the box - I TEAR IT UP

Watching: The Glades, which seems to depart from the traditional 'dick cop with a heart of gold' show by having actual clues to the weekly mystery of who dun what (usually a murder) sprinkled across the episode. Not a great cop show, but the mystery element is occasionally well done.
Suits - legal drama about professional exam cheat turned drug dealer Mike Ross, who ducks into a job interview with a suitcase full of Columbia's Finest to avoid cops and ends up so impressing smug super-lawyer Harvey Spector with his tale that he promptly gets hired at one of the country's top law firms, where he does the usual love triangle stuff while jumping through hoops to keep his past a secret from his colleagues. Some nice dialogue throwbacks to 1980s movies alongside the usual stare-offs make for an entertaining forty minutes.
Rookie Blue - which I watch because I like utter trash as much as the next man.

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