Monday 10 March 2014

I got attacked by a duck at the park yesterday

Back from the weekend lull, there were Saturday and Sunday strips, in case you missed them.
Although it ends up playing around with the visual geography of the scene, I flipped that first panel at the inking stage for lettering reasons, so I do actually give it some thought despite all appearances and evidence to the contrary.  See also: no backgrounds, a decision made to keep the foreground art uncluttered even though I always bitch at those who choose not to draw backgrounds. I'm discovering that sometimes less is more, or at least that most things are a subjective experience, which was a lesson probably begun about 30 minutes into watching The Hangover and finding it about as funny as watching a dying child being kicked out of their wheelchair.

Elsewhere, True Detective wraps up its first season and I shan't spoiler anything here in case you're still catching up, but I liked how it continued to swerve between genres before arriving at its destination.  A great slice of gothic Americana with the odd hint of Lovecraft thrown in.

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