Thursday 6 March 2014

You said you were afraid a fly was gonna fly inside your head and learn all your thoughts

Before you ask, yes, it is deliberate that no-one has a shadow - I was experimenting, dammit!  Do you think anyone would willingly colour and letter something this horribly?  Similarly don't be dissing my whack rhymes, yo - I can't help being white.  So, so white...
Eternally out of touch, I did not care very much for 12 Years A Slave as I found it pointless and dull - "slavery is bad," you say?  Well, thank you for clearing that up, Hollywood, but I feel you could have just said "slavery was bad" and spared me two hours of my life I could have spent watching the next few episodes of Star Crossed, which for all its faults does at least explore racial politics - albeit via sci-fi allegory - instead of just wallowing at the bottom of the social ladder seeing how the worst-off of society are treated like a kind of Benefits Street for white liberals.
There's no lesson to be learned in 12 Years A Slave, no themes, no real sense of the passage of all that time, not even any character arcs, it's just a parade of misery, and what it makes me think of most is Passion of the Christ - worthy subject matter, but makes for a repetitive and dull film that treats bodily mutilation like the subject of a pornographic work, although I liked my mate's description of it as "like Shawshank Redemption, but with whippings instead of bummings."

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