Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I think this will make sense if I get more wine

Other characters from nowhere referencing other characters not seen yet?  I suspect it is time to put cards on table in regards to this turkey.
 You've read the blog so you are well-aware by now that I fly by the seat of my pants on most things, so it will probably surprise you not a jot that barring one or two sketches lost in the big PC switchover of 2013, this is more or less the entirety of my planning for the J6 pitch:

True to form, I have lost the actual pitch I made, too, but it was something along the lines of:

Whereas other superheroes find their way around the globe, working-class Brummie superhero team J6 usually have their hands full just finding their way around the UK to the spots of mythic or historical interest to which their adventures call them - places like Loch Ness, the Williamson Tunnels or Mary King's Close - in a series of family-friendly adventures that emphasise the fun and surreal adventure of superhero tales over grim angst.

I referred to the sketch page occasionally for visual reference because I just have the absolute worst memory, but that's more or less it apart from the outline for the main story (these and the pages I've still to run on the blog are proof-of-concept as the submission guidelines called for an example of the finished artwork and lettering as well as a thumbnailed chapter), but I shan't be putting that up here as I might yet get mileage out of it one way or another.
I've worked with less than the above, though - the current project I'm working on was based on something like two notes I found that read "homeless He-Man" and "don't just make the cat a bear again," but I'll muddle through on that one, too.

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