Saturday 18 December 2010

Alright, I want you to go outside, take off those helmets and dig your own graves with them

I have no idea why I was Farscape sketching today, but you can't argue with something filling a post-shaped hole, finished or not. Anyway, that up there's supposed to be the goth lass.

Tomorrow: better filler. Possibly.


  1. I have found myself on something of a Farscape binge recently, and considering my lack of interest in the programme until a week or so ago, I was glad to have my new fav Sky Box programme legitimised by your own fine artistry.

    Seasons greeting to you, Mr B!

  2. And season's best and a Happy New Year to you and yours, Mr S!

    I keep coming back to Farscape, but it occasionally throws the odd spanner in my plans to watch it for any protracted length of time, like that episode where the Muppet characters visit the planet of lawyers and win a legal argument by lying and then setting a stick on fire with lasers.