Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Santa's wife has an eating disorder because he can have any woman he wants and she knows it

I'm sure that the few regular readers who check in now and then to find a screen grab of Vista crashing yet again probably think I have the same few screen grabs and just rotate them every now and then for the purpose of a running joke, but I'm really not...

That one's fresh from the oven.

Gordon Bennet, but I hate doing these talky sitting-around scenes as my visual continuity is terrible at best, and when you add distant shots of characters to the mix, facial likenesses take a blow to the nuts. GAAAH!

Watching: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, about which it must be said that even the theme tune is terrible. Don't get me wrong, on the surface it's a step up from the mid-90s X-Men and Spider-Man 'toons Marvel had out there, but it's also a step back from the amiable outrageousness of the superhero concept to cast them as a glorified lynch mob tracking down costumed criminals and changing them from colourful adventurers with kooky nemeses to dour fascists imposing their will on the world as an unelected collective representing their own broadly-defined version of 'justice', which is not undermined at all by having someone who claims to be the deity of a bunch of thieving, murderous rapists on the team alongside government black ops agents and a billionaire arms manufacturer who makes no secret of the fact that he's disarming people who have not paid him for their technology - technology he does not share with the world even when it is of benefit to mankind to do so.
It's a more serious affair than previous Marvel animated efforts and on that front it can be commended for moving with the times, but then again, 'the times' means catching up with DC's animated efforts like Teen Titans, Justice league, Batman, Superman, and to be honest, it doesn't actually catch up with them, and Batman: The Animated Series was 20 years ago.
So basically it's fine if you don't expect much or mind that the Hulk for some reason has an emo haircut and wears eyeshadow. There's lots of punching and shouting and furrowed brows and things blow up and everyone takes things very seriously. That's progress, I guess, but if it's a step on a path that eventually leads to a place in which humans can never again create the likes of this:

I wonder why they even bothered.

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