Saturday, 18 December 2010

I can't understand what the devil he's saying, but you know, there's a lot of movement and it's bright and colorful, it keeps my attention

Yes, it is so snowy here in Cookstown that I thought I'd take a photo and use the snowfall and local mountains as backdrop and texture layers on a sketch of something snow-themed and it almost works, as though there are many things wrong with the picture, offhand I'd say the greatest of its problems is that it is not a picture of Shako. Clearly the shin-deep snow has addled my mind to the point I can no longer get my priorities straight.

Watching: Hawaii Five-0 - man I love trashy tv, I am such a fucking snob that I think James 'Spike From Buffy' Marsters' Irish accent is pure entertainment. Luckily I am absolutely right, and hearing actual human beings say lines like "Get mie ma money or yorr man gohs bum!" is why I have a television that does more than play videogames that train me to be a better sociopath.
Lost Girl - also trash, but that's no reason not to be entertained. It does suffer from the slight flaw of the main character - supposedly a sexually-irresistible succubus - not being as hot as her comedy sidekick, but otherwise watching it is like being maced, except your mouth's open and instead of mace it's beer or something. Complete fluff that barely holds together from one moment to the next, but y'know, the alternative is staring at the wall, and the wall doesn't move, my mind wanders - I prefer Lost Girl.
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - which follows the recent spate of live-action adaptations of Terry Pratchett works in feeding a newly-emergent genre of humourous novels adapted into television shows that don't actually have any jokes. Added to which Gently himself has changed from the pudgy, bespectacled subcontinental Asian in the novels to something teenage girls and Daily Mail readers(1) will find more palatable. Believe it or not, the BBC actually broadcast this:

which is actually more Freudian than it is funny.

(1) I imagine the overlap here is much larger than I suspect it to be.


  1. Lovely! Can't beat a bit of old school Star Wars

  2. I don't even mind the new trilogy because now it's okay to admit you love the Ewoks and think two spin-off movies weren't enough.
    The cartoon was alright, I guess.