Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I got a good vibe from this place - nice long dinner table, quiet well behaved spiders, graveyard adjacent...

It wouldn't be a weekday without your quirks, Vista.

RrrRRRrrr - on chapter three of a four chapter comic, I can't even recall why it is important to keep the pressure sensitivity turned off while inking but it's too late to stop now, dammit.

Watching: Hawaii Five-0, which is stupid and that's probably why I like it.
Ditto Castle. Nathan Fillion should totally have got that Uncharted leading man gig if Nolan North wasn't even in the running for reasons I can't quite fathom given how many millions the games pulled in, but seriously - Marky fucking Mark to play Nathan Drake? That is just bullshit right there, like.

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