Tuesday 7 December 2010

It's amazing how I can feel sorry for you and hate you at the same time. I'm sure there's a German word for it.

Dunno what it's like where y'all are, but here in Cookstown, it is snow with a vengeance. No schools, no public transport, all the high street stores shutting their doors... times is biblical and we all gonna die.

Watching: Roots: The Next Generations - there's this bit that's supposed to be meaningful and uplifting where a young man asks his grandfather if he is going to die and the grandfather shows him a tree stump hundreds of years old and where each ring represents the birth of America, the Civil War, the birth of his father, and so on. He then explains that God sees the passing of time as man sees the rings in a tree stump "and when you steps back you don't see no wars or people's lives, you just sees time, year upon year, a time to be born and a time to die and when the time comes, grampa will die" and it is fucking terrifying. No surprise then, that the boy grows up to be a bit of an asshole who wanders about an African village shouting "I found you, Kunta Kinte!" If I did that I'd be shot.
Clone Wars - I have often lamented that there aren't enough cartoon shows that do 2-part stories about banking deregulation and clearly George Lucas agrees with me.
The Walking Dead season finale - well... the pilot was good. Let's just be thankful for that rather than what became of the show in the end.

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