Friday, 10 December 2010

We're making a lot of cash with this thing and I need money for bourbon and anime

Reading: Slaughterhouse 5, which I have finally finished after probably a year or so, which is a pretty poor showing for such a short book. My general impression is that of the philistine, wondering "what was that?" and thinking if I was John Lithgow in that film, I'd probably have let those biddies burn all the copies and then just got Lady Chatterly's Lover for the school library instead. See, I'm thinking practically here: kids only did all that 1980s dancing as a prelude to fucking, so if you want to ban dancing among your kids, just get them fucking as quickly as possible. If they're in their bedrooms they can't be getting run over by tractors or whatever was up Lithgow's ass about his dead kid, but worst case scenario is the kids all get pregnant or contract AIDS - either way their social life becomes a lot less hectic and they'll be safe indoors.

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