Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I think what this political allegory needs is the ending from "Amigos! Amigos! Amigos!"

Sometimes I wonder if my opinion on shows that I like is correct in any objective way, and then The Defenders does an episode where Jim Belushi defends a bear on death row and I realise that (1) I am absolutely correct in liking it and (2) I really do need to visit Las Vegas one day, because if you can get a bear lawyer there, that place is officially fucking awesome.

And as for the last two comics on my arbitrary list:

9 - Detective Comics 629
My relationship with the work of Peter Milligan is thankfully one defined by the highs of Human Target and X-Force rather than whatever his X-Men run was (and years after the experience I'm still not sure), but his quirky take on the craziness of Batman's world yielded some storytelling gems like Dark Knight Dark City, Identity Crisis, and Detective Comics 629's Hungry Grass, a neat little X-Files-inspired tale of a killer's homocide method that utilises the ghosts of Irish potato famine victims to commit geographically-specific murders. Trust me, it makes sense in context, though what doesn't make sense is why it hasn't been collected with other Milligan tales and sold to those comics fans who want to read outre tales of Batman rather than yet another thickeared rationale for him to be punching 1990s ninjas or post-millenial suited gangsters. It is a good comic from an oddly overlooked run of great stories from Milligan on one of DC's flagship properties.

10 - Hitman 34
I don't have much to say about this one except that knowing Garth Ennis likes Superman like I do makes me less sad than I might otherwise be. It's a tale where Superman is reminded again that he can't save everyone even though this is a lesson he learns in virtually every other story in which he appears and yet still he's saddened because he's a thoroughly decent human being and every life lost is a cause for sadness.

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