Friday, 3 December 2010

Even as I write this song I'm drinking wine from a human skull

Bit of minor whoring for something what I done - Hibernia Comics (who do the ace quality reprint collections of forgotten UK comics classics like The 13th Floor and Doomlord) have an all-Irish themed fanzine called Tales of the Emerald isle out now, and I draw a Judge Joyce story in it.

So if you want to read a quality indy comic which has some neat stories from fans of 2000ad's paddy contingent only occasionally ruined by me drawing them, you can check here how to order a copy, though as with other officially unofficially official fanzines of the 2000ad bent like Dogbreath and Zarjaz, it's a small print run so grab a copy quick. Do not walk, RUN to the internet to secure yourself a piece of fan history!

Watching: Young Justice 1.1-1.2 - an odd one, this. The Young Justice comic was a light hearted DC offering while the Teen Titans comics are dour affairs that fetishise the murder and abuse of young people, so it's odd that the Teen Titans cartoon was a light-hearted affair and the Young Justice cartoon is a po-faced offering where its teen protagonists are tortured (to death is the intention) halfway through and at the end Superman meets a clone of himself he didn't know he had and acts in much the same manner you'd expect someone to act as they deliver the words "I guess I'm your dad" or "she told me she took care of it..." It's alright as explodey/punchy 'toons go, and certainly better than the recent crop of DC animated movies, but nothing special.
No Ordinary Family 1.9 - I have no idea why I keep watching this indecisive and derivative show, and I'm not sure what the producers hate more: their audience, superheroes, or television.

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