Friday 3 December 2010

Superstitious century, didn't time go slow?

Watching: Human Target (alright, but a bit downhill since last season), Clone Wars (I can take it or leave it), The Car (alright horror from the 1970s widely regarded as terrible), 90210 (usually background fodder while I work, for some reason I actually found myself paying attention to this and it wasn't pleasant for me), Modern Family (funny, not afraid to be sappy, and lacking that smug air that makes me want to get on a plane and punch the cast of Cougar Town), and The Flash (a 1990 superhero tv show that - good god - had costumes, silly names, supervillains, death traps, goofy plots and took itself seriously - wouldn't go so far as to say it was good, all the same...).

Reading: A study of the male psyche in the 1990s urban environment when faced with the dichotomy of modern societal models and the ingrained but outdated moral values of the traditional family unit, as highlighted by the contrast between rational and instrumental action here represented by traditionally-held gender norms. That's right, I have mostly been reading Danny Fingeroth and Mike Manly's Darkhawk, and it is a fascinating cultural artifact that I think needs re-evaluation, and damn it, it's not like the blog can't do with some filler rather than me hastily scrawling anything at all in Photoshop most days just so I can make the obligatory daily post.

I can't promise it will be a good evaluation, or even a correct one, but I simply cannot argue with free blog filler when it presents itself.

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