Friday 29 November 2013

Call him a Welshman and move on

Dammit to hell, The Blog, you're insatiable.
Today I have been catching up with Almost Human, and ten minutes into episode 3 I am wondering why I do this to myself.  There are better things I can do with my time than watch something I know will be terrible to the point I am embarrassed on my own behalf to be viewing it, but I just can't help it: when robotman uses his fingers to take a phone call I honestly cannot decide if it is laughable or depressing that a tv show in the year 2013 has someone using a Gadgetphone with a straight face, but either way it's amazing.  Episode 2 had a voiceover commentary for the visually impaired (I downloaded the wrong file) and the first few minutes featured a man using a sex robot who was slowly undressing and it was quite possibly the sleaziest thing I've seen/heard in ages, this monotone voice describing "perfect curves" and whatnot, like Steven Hawking reading aloud from Reader's Wives.  It certainly doesn't help dispel my increasing belief that tv sci-fi is a super-skeevy genre for creeps.
I'm still watching it at the moment - Karl Urban's character and his partner are trapped in a hi-tech high-rise building of the future and honestly, I am not sure that it's deliberate.  It's that kind of show.

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