Wednesday 13 November 2013

I want a disabled kid to be able to feel the same thrill I do when I wail on frogs

Okay, clearly I am stretching the definition of the word "daily" in allowing the gap I have between my last post and this one, but illness will put a crimp in most plans.  Thank the Lord Harry for the invention of tablet computers so I could continue my favorite pastime of posting offensive comments under a silly made-up name from the phlegmy luxury of my sickbed, though even now I have a lingering cough that makes me wheeze like Muttley off Stop The Pigeon and Whacky Races if I ever laugh at something, so I'm watching repeats of My Hero, My Family and Goodnight Sweetheart.  Pity me.

By now I usually post the digital napkin I have been doodling on over the last month, but I made the ill-considered decision to upgrade to Manga Studio 5 when I upgraded to a new PC, and just enough changed between versions to disrupt my quote-unquote workflow that I gave up on the napkin after the half-hearted efforts below and have now gone back to using MS4 this month.  I am sure art software boffins will decry me for the Luddite caveman I am for not embracing all the fancy new things like layer blending, directly opening pages of scanned artwork rather than having to import them as seperate layers in pre-existing pages, and reducing the amount of file clutter used in a story project, but I just couldn't get the pen and brush set right, jpegs were coming out as huge 100mb files, and I missed having the .page files to preview work.  Eff that noise - if something needs a manual and multiple lessons, Google trawls and visits to Youtube for instructional videos on how to do the most basic of things even for people already using the last version of the software, maybe it isn't that great after all.  Still, I'm sure plenty of others think it's awesome and it's just me back here in the past not able to keep up or something.

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