Thursday 21 November 2013

We got a liquid form of ecstacy and we're gonna grade papers together

Been watching some old Twilight Zones today, available to watch on Youtube should you be averse to paying the three pounds a box set will set you back these days.  Jack Klugman goes for the maudlin jugular in the season five opener In Praise of Pip, but also has a great turn as the crabby anti-Kirk of Richard Matheson's  Death Ship, which is - I shit you not - a microcosm of the entire plot arc of Lost.
I did like The Old Man In The Cave's take on the importance of faith, though - a rare thing in sci-fi in general, and post-apocalyptic fiction even more so.


  1. Hello Mr B:- Just to say, you STILL have the best blog titles in the history of, oh, ALL OF EXISTENCE, and yours remains one of the few blogs where, for example, I end up saving for the likes of Twilight Zone box-sets.

    For this, I salute you.

  2. You protest too much at the blog post title, Smith! But I forgive you as I have teacher mates and they're some of the biggest stoners I know (after medical students), otherwise they couldn't make it through the day - never mind marking homework - without chasing fairies.