Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Us loners gotta stick together

Okay, yes, I know I flounced off the Blog in a big huff a few months ago, but bear with me here, as I want to see what happens when I do a post or two, as I seem to be getting hundreds of views on the blog every couple of days now that I have actually stopped posting things on it - even after I went back and edited the wording of that post about the BBC's Wolfblood so it no longer had the phrase "children are all f**king idiots" in the body of the text because it kept attracting visitors using the search term "children f**king."  I still seem to be getting loads of visitors and I'm buggered if I can fathom why, so let's see how the hit counter behaves while I fill the blog with my usual shite on a daily basis.

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